HPD Violation Consulting

With New York City's consistently changing Neighborhood Regulations, it's no simple errand for proprietors and chiefs to remain in the know on nearby regulation updates while dealing with the everyday undertakings of dealing with their properties, so it's nothing unexpected when proprietors call us in a frenzy when they get a HPD Turnover Review or Lead Infringement.
Our group is here to assist proprietors with grasping HPD Lead Infringement and reviews, make sense of how proprietors need to become agreeable so they can answer Lead Infringement and Reviews rapidly and stay away from expensive punishments and extra infringement.

Easy guide to understanding HPD EXEMPTIONS

As a structure proprietor or property chief in New York City, getting a HPD lead exception can fundamentally bring down your lead revelation and examination necessities under Neighborhood Regulation 1 of 2004.
Doing this can assist you with staying away from infringement, decrease responsibility, and set aside cash over the long haul. There are 2 kinds of HPD lead exceptions you can apply for: Lead Free and Lead Safe.
We've assembled this aide, to help land owners and directors to effortlessly comprehend what kind of lead exclusions they could fit the bill for, the advantages of each, and how to apply. click here.

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